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ESL forum > Ask for help > Help with Cutting Edge Advanced 3rd ed.    

Help with Cutting Edge Advanced 3rd ed.


Help with Cutting Edge Advanced 3rd ed.
Hi everyone,
I need some help from those of you who are familiar or use/have used Cutting Edge Advanced 3rd ed. (or other levels). I m doing a TESOL qualification now and as part of it I m supposed to evaluate this coursebook on the basis of the publisher s sample. Hence my problem, as throughout my career as a teacher I have used a gazillion of cousebooks, but not this one  I have looked at the Pearson s website and on the web, where you can find copies of the things printed like the SB, WB and TB, so I have some idea of these. But the TB is equipped in a cd-rom with tests and supplementaries, and students have a cd-rom with videos. I don t have acces to these, so I have a couple of questions about them.
Are there unit tests, mid-course test and end of course test? Perhaps also an entry one? Do they tests all skills (reading/listening/writing/speaking) or just some? Is there a separate vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation section? Are they editable?
Are they in any way divided into e.g. communicative, vocabulary, grammar activities? Are they paired with units or does the teacher have to search through? How do you find them? Are they just worksheets to fill in or do they encourage pairwork/groupwork/interaction?
Are there videos for every unit or every second/third unit? What sort of videos are there - rather like a story with some protagonist throughout the book/film or documentaries? Are there any video worksheets and if yes, are these on the TB s cd-rom or on the Students one as well? Are they interactive on the Students cd-rom?
Is there anything else that I should know? Anything you like/dislike about the book? Do your students enjoy learning from it - what do they see as its strength/weakness? Do you think it s well suited for the level?
I will really appreaciate your comments, particularly about the tests, supplementaries and videos. 
thanx a bunch, joanna 

7 Jul 2018      


in the working 

7 Jul 2018     


Have you tried this link? http://frenglish.ru/cutting_edge_third_edition.html

7 Jul 2018     


Yes, I have just a moment ago, but it doesn t answer most of my questions and the links are gone due to copyright violation :-/ but thanx anyway

8 Jul 2018     


Guys, really none of  you teaching from this?

11 Jul 2018     


Have sent you a message ;-)

11 Jul 2018     


Thank you all, I got access to everything from HiFly and the publisher - Pearson :-) 

11 Jul 2018