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ESL forum > Message board > Caption Contest 25/07/18    

Caption Contest 25/07/18


Caption Contest 25/07/18
Once again, thank you, dear Sylvie. (Now, I won t ever forget who won the World Cup 2018!)
Everyone is welcome to join in sharing the fun by giving their caption to the pic of these two lovely girls.

25 Jul 2018      

maryse pey

The youngest : Oh, Sweetie !!!
The oldest (on the scales) : Don t call me like that ! We must ask our parents to stop buying us candies !!!
The youngest ; Errr ... Are you sure ?

25 Jul 2018     

United Kingdom

To love oneself is the start of a life-long romance (The Great Man Himself aka Oscar Wilde.)
To get on the scales is the start of a life-long nightmare. Get off, now! (A sensible lady)

26 Jul 2018     

United States

The start of body negativity.

26 Jul 2018     

United Kingdom

"Don t use the Imperial Scale! Use the Metric Scale!


You are MUCH HEAVIER in pounds than you are in kilograms!"
Les Douglas 

27 Jul 2018     


(Little girl:) You still don t understand the game, do you? If you really want to imitate our mum, stop smiling and start arguing with the scale loudly!

27 Jul 2018     

United Kingdom

@kiscsepo - love it!LOL

28 Jul 2018     


Oh !!!!  Look at that !!!!
Let me tell you, this is ALL I ever wanted !
Now it s killing me to know that you are soooo far behind Sweetie !
Why don t you start those bloody workouts as well ???
I told ya, be patient, work hard and consistently have faith in me.
I ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will follow.
Where there is a will there is a way !!!
Sweetie, your turn to get on the scale.

28 Jul 2018     


  • OH, MY GOD!
  • Why did you say that?
  • I don t know. You re supposed to say OH, MY GOD when you step on this thing. At least that s what mum always says.  And mum knows best.

29 Jul 2018     


Children: "Look, the needle is moving. Almost 40."
(Adult : ?? )

31 Jul 2018