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Worksheet Information


Worksheet Information
Hello everyone:

I have a lot of worksheets, but I īm not sure I can share them.  My main concern is breaking the guidelines or rules of this website.  Often times, I make worksheets for my kids with pictures I scan from their textbook. Then I cut, paste, and edit the clippings and then add writing exercises, questions etc. using the pictures as a visual aid.  I do this so that they immediately associate the picture to something they recognize and can remember the word better.  Of course, I use clippings of pictures, not the entire page, but if that is not allowed, I will not upload them.  If it is not a problem, please someone let me know and I will gladly share them.  Thanks!

11 Mar 2009      


Taking individual pictures from sites and other sources would appear to be allowed, it is only if the picture is marked with a copyright notice or there are conditions on the page about how it can be used.  I recall seeing a recent entry here about a specific website that does not allow their pictures to be used for other ESL resources.  I know that MES English too has such a restriction.
Again, common sense and basic honesty prevail.  If the picture is a significant part of the worksheet then the source should be acknowledged, but if it is just a simple illustration, then I don īt see the need to acknowledge every single one.
Hope this helps

11 Mar 2009