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ESL forum > Ask for help > Plumber as a character in a book.    

Plumber as a character in a book.


Plumber as a character in a book.
Hello there to everyone,
As bizarre as this may appear, I am looking for a book which (main/secondary) character is a PLUMBER.
Do you know any?
Thanks in advance

11 Sep 2018      

United Kingdom

In the Philip K Dick novel ´Martian Time-slip ´, one of the main characters (Arnie Knott) is an ex-plumber who is the Head of a plumbers ´ Union. He ´s one of the bad guys, manipulating people on a water-starved world.
It ´s a great book, but not an easy read, being cultish sci-fi, and PKD is not a writer that appeals to a lot of people (although the films are popular after they changed his endings). Not great ESL material in my honest opinion, but perhaps that ´s just what you want.

11 Sep 2018     


Hello, thanks a lot.
I have also found Space Plumber by Gardner, it looks like Plumbers are a recurrent character in Sci-fiction. However I will take a look to your recomendation.
Again, thanks a lot.

15 Sep 2018