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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Partners needed for an eTwinning project    

Partners needed for an eTwinning project


Partners needed for an eTwinning project
For THIS academic year, starting mid-October, we are looking for partners who want to join us (Spain and Portugal) in a "grammunication" project.

I will be teaching 60 students for 225 minutes a week. They are beginners of English. We really start from scratch (personal pronouns, prepositions [under, in front of etc]) .

The idea is to have a project where students share their coursework online, which will then be the basis for exercises. Three examples:

1. Students create a family tree. They upload it on the Twinspace. Their European partners do the same. Then the students write a short text to the family tree of their partner, thus using the personal pronouns and the words from the word field "family".
2. Students give basic information on themselves on their profiles on the Twinspace. Their European partners then create a quiz (using learningapps.org) on their partner
3. For Christmas, students "hide" Christmas presents in their fictional house (e.g. a drawing of a house with bathroom etc.). Their European partners then have to ask questions and try to guess where the Santa Clause is hiding.

IF you have a group which has the same level of proficiency, and if you are willing to incorporate eTwinning into your regular classes, please let me know under


Thanks a million.



12 Sep 2018      


Hello, Christian!
I think my pupils (10-11 y.o.) would be glad to join your project. If you are interested in partners from western Ukraine, please, send me a contact request in eTwinning Live. 
Yulia Troyan 

13 Sep 2018     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi, it sounds perfect. My school year is about to begin, so I still don īt know my students, but they will be kind of beginners, too. I īll come to you later, if I feel they will enjoy this kind of work.
We are Portuguese.

14 Sep 2018     


Hi guys,
this is brilliant news. Yulia, I sent you a contact request.
Olindalima: How would I find you on eTwinning?
All the best

16 Sep 2018     

Olindalima ( F )

I īll start tomorrow and I īll let you know something next week. Will that be ok for you. This would be my second attempt, the first one didn īt work, because my partner, from Australia, had serious health problems and she had to give up.
I īm not sure if I still can manage the Etwinning platform. My name  there is Olinda Lima. How can I find you,  

17 Sep 2018     


Once you have registered, you can find me via a person search.
If you can manage this, you will be easily able to manage the eTwinning platform, too.
All the best

17 Sep 2018