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ESL forum > Ask for help > How to motivate my students?    

How to motivate my students?


How to motivate my students?
I have ESL classes each of 90 minutes for elementary students. About an hour students started to feel bored. I tried some interactive games, boredom still there. I want to motivate them but how??  Do you have any suggestions for such a situation?
Thank you 

17 Sep 2018      


Why don īt you try guessing games (Guess Who?, Guess What?, Guess Where?)? They are easy and fun to play.

17 Sep 2018     


Try finny exercises then competitive games in groups!
They love it very much! 

17 Sep 2018     

United Kingdom

90 minutes is a long time! Once over, I used to have 100 minute lessons and they were killers, awful! After a disastrous inspection, the school saw sense and reduced the lessons to 50 minutes, so much kinder to everyone. It īs OK for really young kids because you can play, but for older kids... OMG! 
I used to  - like you - have interactive games, so I īve nothing new to suggest. However, this simple thing always worked. 
Alphabet wheel Have a list of topics - food, drink, capitals, countries, transport, places in town, things in the classroom etc. Spin the wheel and they have to come up with an object beginning with that letter. In teams or individual. Also, this ppt is fab and you can edit it, so you can use it over and over 
team game While you are there, check out that user īs other ppts, I owe a lot to this guy (anthoni). 

I also used youtube a lot. Short Mr Bean clips, Bernard the Bear, Simonīs cat... with a task, depending on their ability. 

A great game is Charades, they always love that, Taboo is another good one. 

Or, they can always make leaflets, posters, greetings cards...

Donīt wait until a full hour is up. Split the lesson into two halves, with this kind of fun activity in the middle. And after the activity, give them two minutes īchilling timeī, when they can either quietly chat to their neighbour, or just sit quietly to refresh them before the next session. Effectively, you are giving them two shorter lessons, with the fun activity - itīs still learning English! - in the middle. 
I do sympathise! 

18 Sep 2018     


No break for 90 minutes? That īs hard! As Cunliffe suggests, allow some chilling time in the middle of the lesson so they can relax.
I would try some very easy pair works to make them speak English. It will help them build some self esteem and confidence. 
Of course you can īt do that for 90 minutes so you īll have to split the lesson, but try to find a speaking activity for each grammar or vocabulary topic you teach so they can practice what they īve just learned. 
Good luck! 

18 Sep 2018     


Wonderful ideas , why not! I would have to think of more games, competitive ones, riddles,......splitting the session is a good idea that I was thinking of the last few days. Thank you a lot.



18 Sep 2018     

Czech Republic

Using youtube always helps. 

19 Sep 2018     


                                                                                                                                                          Hello, dear friend, you could try some games like: Guess who,scattegories, board games (there are a lot of them in ESL Printables) the kids love them! I hope it works!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

20 Sep 2018