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ESL forum > Ask for help > Are teachers blue collar or white collar?    

Are teachers blue collar or white collar?


Are teachers blue collar or white collar?
Hi everyone
I just did a survey where I had to state whether I thought my occupation was white collar or blue collar.  I googled to see what others thought and came across an interesting array of answers, some extremely entertaining.  So I thought Id post it here and see what you thought.
In your opinion, do you, as a teacher, see yourself as a blue collar or white collar worker? 

21 Sep 2018      

maryse pey

Hi Jayho,
In my opinion we may say we are a WHITE collar as our brain is always in the storm to improve our own knowledge :)
But we may say, too, that we are a BLUE collar when we are creating files to make the students interested.
In fact we are whiter than blue due to the necessary psychology to understand the students, their needs and their personalities as well as a constant iintellectual approach of the "fashionable" AND permanent things making us able to stay in with the generation we are teaching. These are only some elements.
On the other hand creation and originality are necessary, particularly for the very young pupils who need a lot of stuff to touch, color, cut... But the teacher makes their brain work to make their ideas concrete.
Here is my summarized opinion.

21 Sep 2018     

United States

Because a college degree is necessary, I would say white collar.

21 Sep 2018     

United Kingdom

In my opinion, teachers are professionals. They need a degree to teach and so I would say they are white collar workers. I haven t heard this term for quite some time, so I googled it, to discover that there are also pink collar workers!
This reply, on Quora, puzzled me. How did the guy come to his conclusion? 
. Its hard to define blue or white collar. However, in China teacher is a honorable occupation receiving tremendous respect from people. In an easy way we think white collar is some working in office while blue collar is in workshop, construction sites, odd jobs, plumbing and etc. So teacher is definitely a blue collar.LOL

21 Sep 2018     

United States

Hi all. Interesting thread, Jayho. I agree with Bruce and all who say white collar because of college education and professional status. Lynne, maybe the Chinese commenter was thinking of the low salaries teachers make and the fact that many teachers are forced to work blue collar jobs to support themselves, in addition to their teaching job.

23 Sep 2018     

United Kingdom

@Mary, well, I didn t know that. I do remember a thread though, a while back, about teachers salaries around the world, and I realised (say it quietly!) how well paid I was, relatively speaking. 

23 Sep 2018