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Reporting error


Reporting error
Hello everyone!
Some moderators have faced the problem that some worksheets were impossible to report.
Now the problem is solved, and I hope it won īt happen again.
Thanks for your patience! 

24 Sep 2018      


Thanks for everything you do for this site and for us Victor !!!!

24 Sep 2018     


Yes, that was true.  The copy of the worksheet youīve reported this morning on your own, I also couldnīt report. Thank you for solving this. And also for the new previews for the ppts!!
Could you please confirm that you still support reporting worksheets because of watermarked clipart?
There are many contributions that get removed every day because of this reason. Sometimes, itīs just one picture with a tiny watermark on it and all the time and efforts (to get points) are in vain. Other sites are not as strict about this. Members rarely re-upload their work, maybe theyīre too lazy or simply donīt know that they can change the pictures and submit their creations again? Maybe it would be worth to remind them about this opportunity? Or, have I already done it?

24 Sep 2018     


I would not report a worksheet if it contains just one picture with a tiny watermark but, if it is reported, I think moderators should remove it. I don īt want to put on them the responsibility to decide which amount of watermark is acceptable and which not. It could lead to conflictive situations.

24 Sep 2018