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ESL forum > Message board > Word of the day - 10.10.2018    

Word of the day - 10.10.2018

maryse peyé

Word of the day - 10.10.2018
Great thanks dear Moody Moody to have chosen my silly daffynition for your word.
Now let me just suggest mine before I leave to my students.
What about  AGASTOPIA ? Let ´s go ! Up your crazy funny sophisticated literary "animaly" .... AND OWN daffynitions please !
Have a very splendid day and I am looking forward to reading from you !

10 Oct 2018      

United States

Agastopia is obviously an ideal world free from petroleum.
A- without, lacking
gas- commonly used in the USA to refer to petrol, or the fuel used in automobiles
-topia - suffix referring to an ideal place, generalized from Sir Thomas More ´s book Utopia
Obviously I shouldn ´t be chosen because I had the last word (literally), but after that, I understand how discouraging it is to have few entries. 

10 Oct 2018     


It ´s a place where nobody pays for anything. A place free of any kind of charge. I took that because in my own language ´gasto ´ means waste (could be of money) and as MoodyMoody says prefix ´a ´ means ´no ´ and suffix ´topia ´ could be an ideal or from ´topos ´ in latin meaning ´place ´ Here is my meaning!  

10 Oct 2018     

United States

Two definitions:
1) A guest (in German Gast means guest) of Pia; Pia ´s guest
2) aghast utopia - a scary, startling future world (like the USA is currently moving towards)

11 Oct 2018     

United Kingdom

It is a very worthwhile international association to stop the spread of the dreaded aga   What is an aga?
Aga? Stop! International Association.
@MM I know what you mean about that, it is satisfying to get a good number of entrants.  
@Douglas, don ´t worry old son, Trumpy will take you back to the Dark Ages. 

11 Oct 2018     

United Kingdom

Everyone knows that to be in ´Utopia ´ is to be in a state of absolute perfection.
By contrast, to be in ´Dystopia ´ is to be in a state of absolute imperfection.
If you are in a state whch is midway between these two extremes, you are in a state of ´Neutropia ´ ... you have the best of both worlds.
At this point, I must apologise, (particularly to lady-Members of ESLP), if my explanation contains some rather ´rude words ´. My defence is, that this topic of discussion was NOT chosen by me, but was chosen by another Member.
"AGASTOPIA ´  is a neutropian condition affecting one of the human bodily functions.
It is related to flatulence!
That is  ... the noisy expelling of obnoxious-smelling intestinal gases from a specific part of the human body, in order to relieve stomach pain.
Many people regard this action as vulgar, unpleasant, and embarrassing.
Every good book on Etiquette strongly advises against it: "Flatulence will get you nowhere!"
I am happy to inform you that A-GAS-TOPIA, because it is a neutropian condition, allows this bodily function to be performed silently, and without any smell.
Consequently, it is a relief for the audience, combined with relief for the sufferer.

Les Douglas

11 Oct 2018