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Creative assignments


Creative assignments
Dear friends, 
I love this website for it has been a source of wonderful ideas. 
So I ´m asking for your help again. 
Do you have any ideas / assignments / tasks for your students ´ projects?
I would like them to be meaningful and useful opportunities for my students ´ creativity. 
I would prefer something taken from the real life. These can be oral or written presentations for various levels from elementary to intermediate. 
Let me give you some examples to illustrate my question:
- students are tourist guides in their own home town 
- students make their own fashion catalogue (describe clothes, materials, patterns, etc)
- students create their own menu (choose the name of the restaurant, recommend dishes and drinks)
- students prepare a package holiday (find a flight to London and accommodation online for a given date and with a limited budget)
Do you any similar projects for your students and are prepared to share your ideas?
I would be really grateful. 
Have a nice day. 

6 Nov 2018      

Russian Federation

My students made a project "Eating out in Russia" (We are Russians). They made a research asked teachers and students in our school where they usually eat out. Then described these places + and -. And  gave recommendations for all kind of eaters)  

6 Nov 2018     


Thanks Kristina. 

6 Nov 2018     


Students want to organise a party at school and they have to prepare for shopping on a limited budget. They decide what food and drinks they need to buy, what decorations to buy or prepare, what music they will play etc. You can use english leaflets from Tesco or any big supermarket (available online) to inspire them with authentic vocabulary and prices of food. Good luck!
My students loved me for asking them to prepare a presentation of their favourite computer game (characters sound effects, number of levels, rules of the game etc. ) those who didn ´t play talked about their favourite board games.

6 Nov 2018     

United States

With the technology kids have available to them  these days, creating videos is also a good option. You can choose any number of topics (e.g. a recruiting video for one of your clubs, first day orientation, how to, a grammar lesson, etc.)and set some specifics (e.g. must have XX amount of titles and text, spoken word, conversation between people, an interview, a script,etc.).

7 Nov 2018     


Hello !
Here in France, we DO HAVE TO work the way you ´re describing ; we have to make up projects ( either written or oral ) for our pupils. Examples :
- You are a tourist guide in ( NYC / London.......). Record an audio-tour.
- You are a member of an Eco org. Write a Leaflet about ….
- You are a teen-journalist. Write about a film / music album / …
- You are the Grandson of a soldier. Interview your grand-dad about ….
-  You are a pupil at Hogwarts ( Harry Potter ) . …..
- You are one of the class reps. Make a speech about ….( Bullying ; violence in schools ; ….)
- You are a member of an ECO-org. Make a speech / Write a Leaflet / Make a poster about …
- You ´ve been invited to …. Your task : Prepare a speech / write an essay about …
- You are a British/ Amercican  tourist in ( France ) / You are  working at the T I C. Act out the conversation…
- Your family has decided to swap houses for the holidays. They can´t speak English. Help them post the descripion of your house on the site. Describe your house, tell the foreign guests about the facilities...
Etc !
What I ´ll be doing in the weeks to come : ( with my 14-year-old ones ) :
- We ´ll soon Welcome friends from all over the World. Soldiers have given their lives for the Freedom of your people. Write a speech to thank them all. ( We live by the Landing Beaches - in Normandy. D-Day. 1940 - 1945.  WWII )
- In guns we trust. What ´s the motto ? What do you know about the USA ? What do you know about schools there ? What ´s the difference ?....Imagine you are a journalist for a French teen magazine. Explain the difference between US schools and French schools. Organize a debate. Are guns helpful or not ? Why ? 
- Are you Eco-friendly ? What do you know about disappearing species ? Can you explain ? If you could do something for the planet, what would you do ?
- "Message in a bottle" :  Letter to future -me : Let ´s write about what we expect , what we are going to do….At the end of the school year, I will break the bottle with all your messages. What has been going right ? Wrong ? ….
Hope this can be helpful,

7 Nov 2018     


Dear friends, 
thank you for all these wonderful ideas you have contributed. 

7 Nov 2018     

United States

http://www.teach-nology.com/teachers/lesson_plans/computing/web_quests/ Has examples of web quests, which might give you some ideas.

7 Nov 2018