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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WORD DAFFYNITION CONTEST    




Hello to all of you and thank you to Aisha for choosing my definition. This came totally unexpected to me as a non-native. I must say that Aisha is quite new to this site but has already made history on this site. Both through her work and her many contributions on this forum.

So, so, so ….. I choose a word that is supposedly unknown except to the natives and the blatherskites (Oh ! I love this word and will not forget it). 

Well I opted for another strange or hilarious word. So here goes FLIBBERTIGIBBET for the DAFFYNITION contest. Hope your inputs and imagination will be numerous, generous and funny. Long life to this site !

20 Nov 2018      


It ´s an old toy used in the middle ages by poor kids.
FLIP - turn - GIBBET - hang. Nowadays it ´s similar to a game played by kids usually during anniversaries.

20 Nov 2018     

United States

It is short for the animal that is a cross between a dolphin, a tiger, a gerbil, and a rabbit: Flipper-tiger-gerbil-rabbit.

20 Nov 2018     

United States

Flibbertigibbet is another name for a whatchamacallit and a thingamajig. 
"Could you hand me that flibbertigibbet, please?" 

20 Nov 2018     


It ´s an expression meaning : ´Get lost! ´.
From FLI ( = Feel like it ) / Berti ( male equivalent for Bertha ) Gibbet ( place where people were hung )
eg : ´ Shooooo. Flibbertigibbet ! " : ( go & get hung whenever you feel like it !)

21 Nov 2018     


El flipado ALberto Guiberto means "The smashed Alberto Guiberto" in Spanish and in italian "Il flipado Alberti Giberti!".
This was a person who was mad, demented and well known for so in the entire World and nowadays he is a leyend cause we know he used to smoke joints and eat hallucinogenic mushrooms... 
Whenever someone is gone, nutcase due to drugs that person can be called "A FLIBBERTIGIBBET PERSON" 
Now I let everyone know I will be missing a while and I wish you all a great week and maybe and hopefully I will be around soon. I will try my best... However I will have a look to your sms or the posts you leave to sweet Monique. 

21 Nov 2018     

United Kingdom


Those of you who know me well, recognise that I would never, not for one brief moment, make any boasting reference to my numerous linguistic qualifications, (of which there are 347 in total).

As a Professor Of Obscure Phonology, (POOP), and a founder member of Generative Linguists of the Old World, (GLOW), modesty forbids it.

However, I was recently invited to become President of the DULL organisation. Naturally, I imagined it to be a group of Dedicated Unusually Literate Linguists.

I have since discovered that it is a club for Dreary, Unimaginative, Loud-mouthed Layabouts.

To prove that this is a base slander, here is the story behind the word Flibbertigibbet.

Many modern words and phrases are contractions of ancient sayings.

“Goodbye.” = “May God be with ye.”

“GorBlimey.” = “May God blind me if I am not telling the truth.”

“Gossip” = Conversation between “God’s Siblings” … but it gradually changed, and became “Harmful Chatter”.

In a somewhat similar way, “Flibbertigibbet” is derived from the phrase: “Fly-by-the-gibbett”. (gibbet=scaffold).

Linguists have never been able to discover the exact meaning of this phrase, but by applying NLP, (Natural Language Processing), I can confidently say that it belongs in the same category as:

“Never end a sentence with a Preposition … end it with a Full Stop.”

“Make Hay, while the Sun shines on the Righteous and the Unrighteous alike!”

“A Stitch in Thyme stops the Leaves fraying.”

“Sic transit gloria mundi.” = Thus passes the glory of the world.

Or, as they say where I live: “Gloria was sick, travelling on Monday.”

Need I say more?

Les Douglas

21 Nov 2018     

maryse peyé

OK ! After all these extraordinary daffynitions I would like to add :
Such a FLIBBERTIGIBBET, in fact, can be too : a very British literate philosopher crazy about books and authors from all over the world except Gustave FLAUBERT whom he would adore to see hung at the highest possible GIBBET.
So whenever such a man sees this French writer somewhere he can ´t help shouting "FLIBBERT TI GIBBET !" (= Flaubert to the "Gibet") in a very despising and hateful voice !
By the way how do you call people hating Soljenitsine or Collodi or ... ?

21 Nov 2018     


I ´m not part of this contest cause I ´m not enough smart for this but the word you gave Monique sounds like a  new alternative to the well known Mary poppins song supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (had to past it though) to me .
I was just saying ...
Have fun with this great contest and a nice day !

22 Nov 2018     


oops shame on me" I ´m not smart enough " . See ! I told you so

22 Nov 2018     


oops shame on me" I ´m not smart enough " . See ! I told you so

22 Nov 2018     

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