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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WORD DAFFYNITION CONTEST !    




AND THE WINNER IS …………………………………CARIBOO !!!!!!

Hello to all of you. I like these contests. They are sometimes quite funny. What is clearly less funny is to choose ONE among the best proposals. So after a lot of huffing and puffing and a sleepless night I finally still feeling very uncomfortable (as I may deceive some losers) here comes my decision. Mind you, they are all good and I hesitated a while on the last one by Lynne, and of course Les which is always amazing, and redamo….something (always forget that name). Well, I decided to give the palm or the medal to CARIBOO who is quite new on this site. Thanks for participating dear friend. What was it again ? "a  new alternative to the well known Mary poppins ī supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

Of course, no one was clever enough (even the natives hm…..) to find the real daffynition. In fact, it was a sort of synonym for the previous hilarious "blatherskite" which seemed to be more inspiring than my "blibber-or-flibberty-something" - It is actually another fun word that refers to someone who is silly and who talks incessantly. The first known usage of this word is in the 15th century and used to be spelled flepergebet. This word also refers to a person who is flighty. You probably ALL know at least someone like this.

26 Nov 2018      


Dear Monique
I feel so honoured to be the winner of this contest.
My contribution was just a joke and ...I won. It was a total surprise and I must say I was a bit scared at first !!!  That īll teach me a lesson not to behave like the perfect dunce next time !
Thanks to your support Monique and your help I īve finally decided to join the team. The more the merrier.
So this is the word given for my first try :  catoptromancy (hoping it has never been submitted before. I do not know if it is the correct place to" launch" it .
Have fun my friends !!!! And Monique thanks for being my Godmother on this site and in this section !

28 Nov 2018     


Hello Cariboo…:-))
I think you should start a new thread/topic ;-))))
Congrats !!

29 Nov 2018