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ESL forum > Teaching material > Interesting TED talk    

Interesting TED talk

United Kingdom

Interesting TED talk
I might just do a worksheet on this for my advanced groups. I love the part about the tribe and their orientation.

29 Nov 2018      

United Kingdom

Hi Dale, this looks really good, thanks for sharing. Alas, I can īt get any sound as my laptop is on the blink; I have to admit it īs had it and time to get a new one. I will watch this as soon as I am sorted and looking forward to your ws - unless I get in there first. Er, I hope you see this as a threat, not a promise!

1 Dec 2018     

United Kingdom

So, it īs now threats, is it? 
It sounds as if the old PC is off to the barn out back with the trusty double-barreled for a quick and painless end. Good luck with that Lynne! I īm kind of on the verge of sort of maybe thinking about possibly considering looking at prices for a new PC. Have to wait until they actually pay me a decent wage first, methinks.  

2 Dec 2018     


Looks great ! Thx a lot 

2 Dec 2018     

United States

Thanks for sharing, Spinney. The speaker presents the information in a very engaging way.

4 Dec 2018