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How can I help my pupils?


How can I help my pupils?
Hello ,feiends!
   I īm teaching 4th year students this year and they will sit for a national exam next June to go to secondry school. I īm new at this middle school and pupils are really slow ;they don īt  have the simple basics in English.I have a programme to finish on time.
Have you got any ideas how to help them develop their skills especially in writing?
Thank in advance. 

1 Dec 2018      


considering they are slow pupils, in writing you may find interesting to build a guided composition.
Write on the board some very basic questions such as:
What īs your name?
How old are you? 
Where are you from?
Where do you live today?
 .... etc
Help them answer each question in their notebooks without copying the questions.
Then you may want to build another composition, but this time using a friend īs name so as they will practice the third person of singular. 
In conversation, you may do the same thing after practicing the writing. However, most teachers prefer to use oral skills first, then havethem write what they have just practiced in conversation. 

1 Dec 2018     


Thanks a lot.I īll try this methods with them I hope it Will work

2 Dec 2018     


I - too - prefer the oral skills...But as the writing skills are concerned ...Why not have them write a kind of "Yearbook" ? It īs an activity where pupils write about themselves ( their Identity ; their likes & dislikes ; their hobbies ; the places they īd like to visit; etc ! ) I have my Special needs do such a work ( and they have to find photos on the Net to illustrate their personal page…) They usually like it a lot, and write great personal pages !  
I always make a book/Leaflet with all their pages , and give them a copy. They love it, and such an activity makes them improve their written English…
Hope this helps,

2 Dec 2018     


What a fantastic idea Val !!!!!

3 Dec 2018     

United States

https://www.duolingo.com/course/en/ar/Learn-English-Online might help.Also the magic flash cards which were mentioned by Zdenda look helpful for filling in gaps in their knowledge.

3 Dec 2018