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ESL forum > Teaching material > video or audio document about guess who    

video or audio document about guess who


video or audio document about guess who
Hello guys!!
I am looking for a video or an audio document with children playing "guess who". I would like the structures "Has..got...?" " is....?"
and short answers...that would really help me ;) 

3 Jan 2019      

United States

This is a video of children playing Guess Who, but instead of using the construction "has got", they use the equivalent expression  "does he have". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW3MR94KfkY
Alternately, maybe you could use this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTDe4m_cFx4 with the sound off and devise questions to go along with the action on the video. Then you record the questions you formulated to accompany the video and play your recording.
Example recorded line by line.
 I used various voices, but I didnīt notice much differentiation. However, it may be fun for students to practice recording their voice as a space squirrel, robot, etc. at some later project.
http://screamingbee.com/product/MorphVOX.aspx?adid=428 offers a free 7 day free trial to another presumably better voice changing program. Alternately, if you have an ipad, the voice recorder can change voices in your recordings.
I googled free voice changer online. https://voicechanger.io/ is one result that came up, but I havenīt tried it. 

5 Jan 2019