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Language other than English
Hi everyone, I know that we are supposed to upload only worksheets in purely English language. I have a number of very useful worksheets, for example on movies, where the first page is English only, but quite often I have a second page with a translation exercise (English/German) which I find very useful for learners of German mother tongue. Do I have to delete the second page before uploading, even though it might be useful for a large number of users, or can I leave it attached and those who don´t need it can just work with the first page or adapt the translation exercise to their own language?

7 Jan 2019      

maryse peyé

Victor has created this other website for ALL the languages. Just check it. 

7 Jan 2019     


Maryse is right, liveworksheets.com is great. But, if you want to download from ESLPrintables, you have to upload your worksheets here.
The rules of the site say that your contributions must be 100% English.
I´ve seen hundreds of worksheets reported and removed because there were some exercises, or, even only SOME words NOT in English... 
Maybe it´s possible to change the instructions, and you can say ´Translate into your native language´ instead of ´Translate into German´? 

7 Jan 2019