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Translation from Spanish


Translation from Spanish
Hello everyone! I wonder if anyone can help me. I have to write a sign for school saying "Departamento de Animación"... Animación in this case,is not cheerleading, it´s the activities that leaders carry out with kids when camping or during field trips, also they organise games and activities at school. I hope I can get some ideas from Spanish speakers! Thanks a lot !

22 Jan 2019      

United Kingdom

Perhaps one of the following might help:
Department of Events ... or ... Events Department
Department of Outdoor Activities 
Department of Extracurricular Activities
Motivation Department
Department of Outdoor Events
Outdoor Leisure Department 

22 Jan 2019     


Spinney, not only one but many answers. Awesome! 
Aliciapc, Spinney can help you much better than spaniards. He did it very well! 
I love this site cause it is not only for our students. We can go on and on learning, as a language is something inmense... 

22 Jan 2019     

United Kingdom

Thank you Aisha77! Always a sweetheart.
I just thought of a better one, actually:
Adventure Department? 

22 Jan 2019     

United States

I like Department of Extracurricular Activities the best.

22 Jan 2019     


Department of Extracurricular Activities.

24 Jan 2019     


DEA it´ll be ! Thank you all so much! Spinney = genius. Aisha, you´re sooo right!

25 Jan 2019