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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WOD Daffynition Contest 1/22/2019    

WOD Daffynition Contest 1/22/2019

United States

WOD Daffynition Contest 1/22/2019
Thank you Frau Sue for choosing my daffynition for īscumfishedī.
The new entry for your original daffynitions is MUGWUMP.
I look forward to your daffynitions
(not the true definition, but your made-up, immaginative originals).
Letīs see what you can come up with.  

22 Jan 2019      

United States

Obviously this means to hit someone upside the head with a beer stein in a bar fight.
Mug: drinking vessel with a handle
Wump: variant of whomp, or hit 

22 Jan 2019     

maryse peyé

It is the mug in which you have to make the wapiti jump in.
It is a very popular game in Canada and it is not as difficult as it sounds... Well thatīs what the Canadians say !

23 Jan 2019     


Itīs the short term to call something or a place when it is muggy and bumpy, 

24 Jan 2019     


A tubular scarf, often pulled up to ones nose, warming not only the neck but also most of the face (mug) and hampering speech (wump) 
Image result for ‫חמצוואר‬‎ 

24 Jan 2019     

United Kingdom

Itīs when you get accused of shoplifting in a very heavy-handed fashion. I have to say, I have never been mugwumped. 
Iīm sorry to post the true definition!
Itīs my favouriote shop! 

25 Jan 2019     


Theyīre the squeezable fat bits just above your hips.
Oooh, havenīt you got lovely chubby mugwumps? 

26 Jan 2019