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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Scattergories Game    

Scattergories Game

United States

Scattergories Game
Every answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer.
It´s fun! Who wants to play? Come on! Try it!


*Things That Have Stripes - Zebras

*Things You Shouldn´t Touch - Skunks

*Bad Habits - Smoking

*Things You Do Every Day - Go online

*Things That Have Buttons - Elevator

*Something You´re Afraid Of - Rats

*Things That Can Get You Fired - Stealing

*Things You Throw Away -Garbage

*Things You Sit In/On -Elephant

*Sports - Tennis

*Things to Do on a Date - Smooch

*Reasons to Call 911 (emergency number) - house on fire


22 Jan 2019      

Travelling High and Low

*Things That Have Stripes – Barber pole

*Things You Shouldn´t Touch – Electricity    

*Bad Habits – Yammering  

*Things You Do Every Day – Gain weight

*Things That Have Buttons – TV remote

*Something You´re Afraid Of – Endoscopes

*Things That Can Get You Fired – Slaying

*Things You Throw Away – Graduates

*Things You Sit In/On – Soft cushions

*Sports - Swimming

*Things to Do on a Date – Go for a coffee

*Reasons to Call 911 (emergency number) – Extradition

That was fun! Thank you

23 Jan 2019     

United Kingdom

Just got tiny tablet, will do this when i get home. Travelling high and low, you sound like a fun date, he he!

23 Jan 2019     


*Things That Have Stripes - US FLAG
*Things You Shouldn´t Touch - Garbage
*Bad Habits - Ecstasy
*Things You Do Every Day - Yawn
*Things That Have Buttons - Nuclear reactor ( ? ;)
*Something You´re Afraid Of - Racoon
*Things That Can Get You Fired - No work
*Things You Throw Away - Kleenex
*Things You Sit In/On - Xylophone ( but you shouldn´t )
*Sports - Enduro
*Things to Do on a Date - Observe
*Reasons to Call 911 (emergency number) - Escapee
Gee ! That is difficult  

23 Jan 2019     


*Things That Have Stripes - Tiger
*Things You Shouldn´t Touch - Razor blade
*Bad Habits - Eating too much
*Things You Do Every Day - Housework
*Things That Have Buttons - Keyboard
*Something You´re Afraid Of - Dementia
*Things That Can Get You Fired - Alcoholism
*Things You Throw Away - Maps
*Things You Sit In/On - Sofa
*Sports - Archery
*Things to Do on a Date - Yawn
*Reasons to Call 911 (emergency number) - Narcotics

23 Jan 2019     

maryse peyé

*Things That Have Stripes - a sailor sweater

*Things You Shouldn´t Touch - raccoon

*Bad Habits - napping in class

*Things You Do Every Day - smile
*Things That Have Buttons - Electric switchboard

*Something You´re Afraid Of - dentist

*Things That Can Get You Fired - tricking administration

*Things You Throw Away - negative thoughts

*Things You Sit In/On - sofa

*Sports - athletism

*Things to Do on a Date - make a surprise

*Reasons to Call 911 (emergency number) - escaped snake (from the zoo)

23 Jan 2019     


*Things That Have Stripes - T-shirt
*Things You Shouldn´t Touch - Toxics
*Bad Habits - Speaking instead of listening
*Things You Do Every Day - Gait
*Things That Have Buttons - Thread
*Something You´re Afraid Of - Dying
*Things That Can Get You Fired - Gossiping on my boss´ phone
*Things You Throw Away - Eggshells
*Things You Sit In/On - Stool
*Sports - Launching disc????  
*Things to Do on a Date - Carry flowers
*Reasons to Call 911 (emergency number) - stabed
MY GOD!!! This was really difficult... I didn´t want to repeat and I cheatedddddddddd. I look up for the word ´gait´  

24 Jan 2019     


Hi Aïsha
I cheated too ….Couldn´t find something to sit in/on, starting with "x" ! The only thing I found was xylophone 
Ha! Ha! I love this game ,Redcamarocruiser ;-))) 

24 Jan 2019     


*Things That Have Stripes – tigers

*Things You Shouldn´t Touch – snakes

*Bad Habits - Slouch

*Things You Do Every Day – have dinner

*Things That Have Buttons - remote

*Something You´re Afraid Of - electrocution

*Things That Can Get You Fired - neglect

*Things You Throw Away -trash

*Things You Sit In/On -hammock

*Sports – kick boxing

*Things to Do on a Date - giggle

*Reasons to Call 911 (emergency number) – epileptic seizure

24 Jan 2019     

United States

*Things That Have Stripes - referee´s uniform
*Things You Shouldn´t Touch - mutagen
*Bad Habits - nail biting
*Things You Do Every Day - get up
*Things That Have Buttons - parka
*Something You´re Afraid Of - anaconda
*Things That Can Get You Fired - absenteeism
*Things You Throw Away - muck 
*Things You Sit In/On - kiosk
*Sports - karate
*Things to Do on a Date - enjoy kissing
*Reasons to Call 911 (emergency number) - gastritis

24 Jan 2019     

United Kingdom

Things That Have Stripes - shadows on the wall in prisons
*Things You Shouldn´t Touch - snakes
*Bad Habits - saying your students are dumb
*Things You Do Every Day - be a teacher
*Things That Have Buttons - remote control
*Something You´re Afraid Of - losing your mind
*Things That Can Get You Fired - dissing the manager´s husband
*Things You Throw Away - dreaded bill
*Things You Sit In/On - llamas
*Sports - sailing
*Things to Do on a Date - get flirty
*Reasons to Call 911 (emergency number) - yells of ´help!´ 
Oh, it was hard!
Pleased to see you, marion! 

25 Jan 2019     

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