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Please help me with this site


Please help me with this site
Good afternoon, everyone. 
For weeks Iīve been trying to register on englishtips.org but it appears they never send any confirmation. If any of you are registered there and can help, Iīd be extremely grateful. I need some books that they have to write my paper and I cannot find that material anywhere else.
Thank you very much!

27 Jan 2019      


I didnīt register there, however I have had a look and what it says is that if you have any inconvenient in your registration you can contact ENGLISHTIPS_admin at [email protected]. Try it and you let me know. I donīt know what this site is for, if you could advance me something I would be grateful. 
Aisha ;)

28 Jan 2019     


Hello and thank you for taking your time to help me.
I sent them messages before and another one again after you suggested the same address. Still no success. 
The site contains thousands of useful books*pdfs and audio materials.  It helped me a lot with my English teaching job in the past but now I donīt know what to try next.
Thank you still,
Anca Ersilia 

29 Jan 2019