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ESL forum > Ask for help > Basic level oral communication textbook for 12~13 year old students    

Basic level oral communication textbook for 12~13 year old students

Travelling High and Low

Basic level oral communication textbook for 12~13 year old students

Good morning, I’m sorry to ask you all but I was hoping for some advice.

I work in a school in Japan, and we’re starting an extra English class for the next coming school year, April~March. This class will be for oral communication only.

For the second year students, I’m going to be using ‘My First Passport 1’ by Oxford University Press. However, I’m struggling to find a suitable communication based textbook for the first year students (12~13 years old).

Their English is basic level: English still isn’t considered an official subject for elementary school students, though it will be from 2020.

An alternative I’m considering is ditching the textbook altogether and having a series of theme based lessons; British food, hobbies, traveling…

Any thoughts, advice, opinions would be greatly appreciated!

31 Jan 2019      


I never use textbooks, but write "scenarii" for my classes ; it takes a long time, but itīs worth doing it because you can always adapt to your kids ;-) . These lessons are never grammar-based , even if I teach grammar of course...As you need oral communication only, I wonīt bother you with " my written missions." What I call a "mission" ( or final task, is what the students will be able to do at the end of chapter. Examples of missions for 1st & 2nd years ( 11 to 13 year-old ones ):
* You are a reporter& you must present the weather forecast…"
* You are a journalist for the school magazine ( which is real ;-) : Interview our foreign students about their family / pets / hobbies/etc..
* Your parents would like to swap houses for the holiday with a British family ; they canīt speak English. Help them give information & describe your house & neighbourhood ( chat ; Skype )
* Web radio ( we have one at school ) ; Go around town & ask people about climate change ( quiz written in class beforehand ..). Come to our radio station & debate.
* etc....
There are plenty of ideas - the only thing which I find difficult is ...TIME ! :-)))
+ You have to know the Curriculum & adapt your projects so that , at the end of the year, your students will have learnt a lot ( and not just...had fun , even if itīs important ! )
There are plenty of ideas of so-called "Missions" or "Projects" on the Net ( but time consuming here as well ;-))) What I really like about these is that …"teaching makes sense"...
Good luck ;-)
edit : + You can use excellent role-plays, just like this one : 

1 Feb 2019     

Travelling High and Low

Thank you for your kind advice. It really is much appreciated.

I really like your ideas about scenarii. I’ve recently done a video news project, during an extracurricular class; it went down really well! I would love to incorporate your ideas into the classroom and have the students present weather forecasts and interview foreign students. Wonderful ideas!

Thank you so much :o)

1 Feb 2019