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Word of the Day!

United States

Word of the Day!
Thank you, redcamarocruiser, for selecting me as the winner of the latest Word of the Day contest.
New word is
Give your best shot at a fake "daffynition" of this word. No real definitions, please. Iīll select a new winner when I have enough entries or when this leaves the New Posts list. I hope you enjoy it! 

1 Feb 2019      

United States

Deforestation is on the rise due to the pampinations, i.e. those industrialized countries that use Pampers paper  diapers instead of cloth diapers (nappies).

1 Feb 2019     


WOWOWO!! I know this one!!
"Pamplinas" is a Spanish words to say nonsense
"Nation" What to say that anybody already didnīt know...? 
So, PAMPINATION is a nation or a whole country that has gone nuts or does nonsense as the result of too much YouTube Viewing. Sometimes people prefer the term Tubepampistupination...

1 Feb 2019     

United Kingdom

Oh, pampination! I do hate pampinators, they are always pampinating. What does it mean? Oh, OK! It is to go naturist sunbathing and to pose in a very cool fashion, pretending you are not desperate to scream, īLook at me! Hey, look at me!ī. 

2 Feb 2019     


Pam pam pam pam….
Pampination comes from Beethovenīs 5th Symphony. Itīs the fact of having a tune in mind, & you canīt get rid of it , just like with    " Pam ..pam ..pam ...pam " !
And now, ...YOU are pampinated !

3 Feb 2019     

maryse peyé

PAMPINATION is a new political party
The PArty of the Members Privately INvited to wear A TIe of Nylon.
This Party absolutely wants to protect the flowers of coton and the caterpillars producing the silk.
I have just joined this new original party, what about you ?

3 Feb 2019     

United States

Pampination is the world you enter when becoming a parent or daycare provider-- a nation of pampered (coddled), pampered (diaper-wearing) preschoolers.

Have a child and join the Pampi-nation!

5 Feb 2019     

United Kingdom

It is the act of flattening the road with a pampination machine (see below). This machine goes PAMP PAMP PAMP when in use.

6 Feb 2019