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caption competition

United Kingdom

caption competition
Thank you kscespo, for choosing my caption! I am not having much luck uploading an image; they are all too big! I have cut this one down, but now it´s too small! Success! (Below).Let´s have your crazy captions about these two characters, please! For the record, that fellow is Commissario Montalbano. He has a huge following in England. I went to Ragusa recently, where the programme is set. It was a dream; Sicily is a wonderful place.I could go on. I need a job, you know.

7 Feb 2019      


Ok, while we are not being ridden by any pervert...

7 Feb 2019     

maryse peyé

2 centaurs from the deep of the night
are pulling the carriage of passion
to the deep of the day
to meet the fresh water of the spring
the air of this day is light and bright
the dream of a wedding
the one of the sun and the moon
is light and bright
through passion and wisdom
they will travel
through dark and light
they will reflect
they will go on the other side
of the Mirror of wisdom...
on the ground the centaurs step
far away nightmare
closer to the horizon
always on the path of the rainbow
or to the whiter part of the milky way...
don´t think you are not going to see them
nothing to fear
just reflect !

7 Feb 2019     

United Kingdom

Whatever you do, don´t use the whip on those two. They´ll just slow down even more!

7 Feb 2019     

United States

"Quit horsing around, people are watching."

8 Feb 2019     


We are competing with Uber.

8 Feb 2019     

United Kingdom

´Black Beauties´  by Anna Sewells

9 Feb 2019     

United States

Are these the Knights in Black Satin? (Apologies to the Moody Blues.)

9 Feb 2019     

United States

First place winners for best Halloween costume

10 Feb 2019     


"Do you think they can recognize us by the hairdo?"

11 Feb 2019