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vocabulary query


vocabulary query
I can´t  find   good translations for  two or perhaps  three  words in English. Let me  explain what  I  mean  by using  them in a  context.
word 1 , 2   
Have you got  the  special equipment  to   ( THE MISSING VERB)   the songs  from the cassette to  a   CD or   (  THE  MISSING  VERB )  pdf  format ? 
literary  it means  transfer from  a cassette to CD  
word 3  
When  workers are dismissed   before they are free to go, they  must  hand in   a  form  signed by a few people  who  certify with their own signature that   the employees  returned uniforms, working tools etc. In case of students  they  must submit the same form  and   library staff  confirms that all the borrowed books   are already  returned. What´s the English term for  the form.
In Polish we  call the form ´´ obiegówka.  
Thx  in advance. 

7 Feb 2019      


remaster could be one of the verbs and convert could be the other.  The 3rd maybe "return slip" or return application form"???
;) Aisha 

8 Feb 2019     

United States

"transfer" and "convert them to pdf format"

For the third, I would probably use "out-processing slip/sheet"

8 Feb 2019     

United Kingdom

Transfer. Convert.
I don´t immediately know the name for the forms you mention. I think partly, this will be because everything is done on the computer. I think the terms mentioned ´return slip´ ... are fine.  Or maybe ´signing off slip.´ 

8 Feb 2019     


Thank you so much for  your replies. I  do  like them. :)

8 Feb 2019