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ESL forum > Ask for help > Plz, could someone explain this sentence?    

Plz, could someone explain this sentence?


Plz, could someone explain this sentence?
School uniforms forbid them from traversing their sense of panache as well as would curb them from displaying their latest collection within there milieu
Is it right? or should it be within their milieu??  If itīs right I donīt understand the meaning...
Thanks in advance! 

3 Mar 2019      

United States

"Their milieu" is correct. Many native speakers also use the wrong homophone. 
I personally would also change "traversing" to "expressing" and "would curb" to "curbing." Since traversing is going across, it doesnīt really make sense here. Iīd change to curbing to maintain a parallel structure for stylistic purposes.
I also assume that "them" and "their" have students as an antecedent in an earlier sentence. Otherwise, your student needs to specify students somewhere.
I hope this is helpful to you! 

3 Mar 2019     


Thanks a million for your prompt answer Moody, I really apreciate it. Yes, you are right, The sentence is connected to another where it makes it clear that is talking about the students. I understood it perfectly, and I see that sometimes there are mistakes made by native too, and in this case I usually break my brain thinking where the trick is, and actually there wasnīt any, hehhe!!
Thanks loads, seriously!!  
EDIT: Btw, I agree with you that the verb tense "would curb" would be better "curbing" to keep the same extructure, as you well said. It is the same in Spanish. ;)))

4 Mar 2019