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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Urgent!! Please help    

Urgent!! Please help


Urgent!! Please help
Dear colleagues, I hope you are all doing well. I would like to design an inquiry project for my Fulbright application.It should be relevant to classroom practice, teacher professional development, or to otherwise enhance education in my primary or secondary school community. Any suggestions? Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance

11 Mar 2019      


What about an open debate of pros and cons concerning the direction mankind is heading towards?
I think is a good topic that can go a long way. You could give them guidelines of how to recover information from the past, and about the present time they could use the Internet or any other source that could fit them. 
Once they have material to work with they could share their findings and work whether in pairs or in groups to develope the subject.
Depending on their level you could determine what the use of the English language should be (idioms, provebs, phrasal vebs, tenses, relative clauses, etc.) They would help each other so there should not be many problems....
Once all the topic has been developed they could start the debate, you as a teacher could make two (or more) groups depending on their opinion (in favour or against the direction mankind is taking). 
Teacher could ask questions to enhance the debate...
I hope this is useful, please let me know if there is something that does not fit and if you have any other idea about the project, as I donīt have a previous idea of the kind of inquiry project you want to deal with.
Aisha ;) 

11 Mar 2019