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Help needed


Help needed

Hi, dear colleagues,

I need your help. Iīve just translated a refrain from a Slovene song for kids which I will need from students from abroad that are visiting us next week. It was a challenge because I needed certain words so that the song can be sung the same way as the original. Here is my English version:
I will set off and I will sow (share)
my good will in (with) peopleīs hearts.
With my right hand the sun is carried,
with the left a golden laugh.
Is it OK and does it make any sense?
Here is the link to the whole song: 
Here is the Slovene refrain:
Jaz pa pojdem in zasejem
dobro voljo pri ljudeh.
V eni roki nosim sonce,
v drugi zlati smeh. 
 I would really appreciate your comments.
Thanks a million.

13 Mar 2019      

United States

It sounds good, but I would use "In" rather than "With" in the last two lines.

13 Mar 2019     


Dear Bruce,
thank you so much. You are such a nice person. I wish I could do something for you. 

14 Mar 2019     

United States

Thatīs sweet, Zvonka. You never know when the opportunity might arise.

17 Mar 2019     

United Kingdom

Me too! Here it is, Bruce! Itīs a nice German goulash and a glass - bottle, if you wish, of the finest red. My apologies if you are a veggie, but I think Iīm OK offering you this! Enjoy, as they say in your homeland!
Lynne x 
Edit: Donīt worry if you donīt like mushrooms, and those look pretty fierce! - Iīll have them. Bon appetit!

18 Mar 2019