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Teacher leaders


Teacher leaders
Hi dear friends, 
Will you tell me some ideas about what teachers leaders do to promote learning in their schools?

15 Mar 2019      

United Kingdom

Hi! This is what they did in my last school.
1) Have a Word of the week that every teacher had to bring into their lesson.
2)  Every lesson had to follow a plan, which was set out for the students at the beginning. LEARN: (the aim), DO (method/steps the teacher would take) CHECK (plenary). This had to be written in detail and left in view during the lesson.
3) Every teacher had to mark in the same way. We used PINS (Praise, Improve, Next steps). It was hard to always mark like this. Some of the young teachers ended up writing more in feedback than what the student had actually written. 
4) Learning Walks. Senior leaders would wander in and out of lessons at will.
5) Departmental reviews. Every month, they inspected a department. They interviewed the Head of department (Team Leader), observed every member of the dept and looked at the books.
6) Open Week. Twice every term, everyone had to write lesson plans for every lesson and you could be observed at any time.  This was incredibly onerous and we all rebelled in the end.
7) Frequent INSET on various issues, e.g. improving boysī literacy.
8) Share best practice. Every Wednesday morning, some poor teacher would have to deliver a 5 to ten minute talk to the whole staff on something that had worked well for them or a tip they wanted to share. This would have been good once a term, but every week... Too much.
9) Scrutinies! Various things would be scrutinised. The big one was marking scrutiny. Sets of exercise books would be checked to make sure we all followed the marking policy.  
Then we had an Ofsted inspection and failed horribly. The school was closed. The problem was that while the leaders used all these sticks to beat the teachers, the kids were running wild. What the school needed was a proper code of discipline.
Happy days! 
Lynne Blackburn  

16 Mar 2019     


Dear Lynne, 
my deepest respect for your post. I couldnīt agree more with your words. 
We have to set the proper code of behaviour and give students the suitable environment for learning. 
However, we cannot blame the teachers and punish them if students donīt do their share of the work. 
Letīs be honest, teachers are just one cornerstone of successful learning, the others are students, parents and school management. Sometimes a teacher can make a big difference, but at other times there is very little he or she can do.  

17 Mar 2019     


I agree with Lynne. I gave up teaching at one school for the same reason, teachers had to deal with so many layers of constraints that teachers could not be "teachers". It seemed to be that the most important thing was for superiors to have things writen, no matter if children were managed or not, as far as the agenda and many premises were set up on papers.
However, teachers could not and cannot scape from these kind of self-discipline, as we are just so, "teachers". I believe we are more than that, we have the basis to work with many different children, they all have individual needs, as they are not the same, agedas and plans to follow should not be the same. And too much efford on those futile things (not all, but many) implies less efford on what it is really important, each of the students, all of them different... And teachers are the last link, therefore the most significant. We treat straight and directly with them...

17 Mar 2019     

United States

A leader should be a role model for his or her followers. Each and every time he/she used to inspire for doing better, set an example of goodness and lots more. But when it comes to being a teacher and we have to play as a leader, then we need to put some extra efforts. So that students are following our guidelines and techniques to learn better. Iīm an End-user Support Technician and in my working experience, I used to set examples for my juniors and followers with my right work. But as a teacher, we have to serve more for producing better outcomes.

25 Apr 2019