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Teaching ideas


Teaching ideas
Would you help me with some ideas about how to practise Present Continuous (the topic is about clothes) with 3rd graders, and about practising Past Perfect with 6th graders? 
Many thanks in advance!

27 Mar 2019      

Czech Republic

For Present Continuous I�d try to finding or making Go Fish cards with pictures of the clothes and a question below saying something like "Are you wearing insert clothing vocabulary. You can find flashcards of clothes and adjust/alter them to add the question below. Depending on the size of your class, you might have to make multiple decks of this Go Fish game but you can have groups of up to 5-6. Students take turns to ask each other a present continuous question like, "Are you wearing a hat?" and if the other student has the card they want, they respond with, "Yes, I am wearing a hat" and they have to give the asking student that card. The goal of the game with Go Fish is to collect as many pairs of the same card as possible. *If a student asks for a card another student doesn�t have, the latter can say, "No, I don�t. Go shopping, please", which is a prompt to the asking student to pick a card from the draw pile on the table. Hope this helps!

28 Mar 2019     


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