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ESL forum > Ask for help > Ix-nay on the ophy-tray MEANING    

Ix-nay on the ophy-tray MEANING


Ix-nay on the ophy-tray MEANING
Ix-nay on the ophy-tray ??
What does it mean?
I saw it on Doug´s cartoon. Here is the link for it: (time marker 00:13:50)
Thanks in advance 

11 Apr 2019      

United States

Great question!

This sentence is in a popular "code" system commonly called "Pig Latin". The trick is to take the beginning sound and move it to the end with "-ay" added.

Ix-nay is the English word "nix". It usually mean "reject", but in this phrase it more accurately means "remove" or "make taboo". Ophy-tray is the English word "trophy". Therefore, the full English sentence is, "Nix on the trophy." In context, it means that they shouldn`t mention the trophy. They don`t want to upset anyone nor cause any trouble.

While "ix-nay" is a very common word in Pig Latin, "nix" is very uncommon in normal English (at least in America).

In case you are still curious about how Pig Latin works, here is your post written only in Pig Latin:

"At-whay oes-day it-ay ean-may?

I-ay aw-say it-ay on-ay oug`s-day artoon-cay. Ere-hay is-ay e-thay ink-lay or-fay it-ay: (ime-tay arker-may 00:13:50)

Anks-thay in-ay advance-ay."
I hope this helps! 

11 Apr 2019     

United States

I read online that Brazil has a similar language code game called "Língua do Pê". If you know of Língua do Pê, the idea behind Pig Latin is very similar! People who know the game use it to confuse listeners who may not know of it.

12 Apr 2019     


Ooops ! I wanted to insert something….and deleted my previous message  ! Sorry for being so silly !
edit : those are the links I posted ;-)

14 Apr 2019     


Great explanation. Thanks a bunch!

15 Apr 2019