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Hi teachers! I know we say arrive at for places and arrive in for countries and cities, but is it possible to say arrive into?

6 May 2019      

United Kingdom

It´s generally considered to be obsolete nowadays, although I believe the notion of a baby arriving "into" the world was still common in the 18th century (just an FYI in case you´re thinking of writing a historical novel ).

7 May 2019     


It´s used a lot in the context of aeroplanes landing: We will arrive into Frankfurt at 15:30 local time.

7 May 2019     

United Kingdom

Yeah, I´m sure I´ve heard that once or twice too. Possibly insisted on by airlines who like to think of their planes as ´babies´ .
EDIT: And a friend just told me she heard it several times on trains down in deepest Englandshire.

7 May 2019     

United Kingdom

Mainly, we arrive at, a you say, but we pull into, where trains are concerned. 
´Pulling into Glasgow Central in a few minutes.´ Or We�ll be pulling into...and by the way, that construction is becoming more and more prevalent, rather then the simple future. 

10 May 2019