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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Caption Contest Week 19, 2019 (continued)    

Caption Contest Week 19, 2019 (continued)

United States

Caption Contest Week 19, 2019 (continued)
Hi All,
Thereīve been some good captions so far.  Choosing a winner will be difficult, but I would still love to read more captions. 
Watchya got....

7 May 2019      

United Kingdom

Whereīs Wally?

8 May 2019     


This snow wall canīt stop me from getting to the USA. I havenīt got a visa but I can climb over the wall!

9 May 2019     

maryse peyé

The Snow Fairy, my Godmother, is waiting for me in the depth of the magic well !

9 May 2019     

United States

I canīt see my way to becoming a cool cat!

9 May 2019     

United States

And the winner is Monique (Karagozian) with her caption:
 "I have drunk my belly-full this morning and now I canīt get up this slippery wall."
I loved all of the captions (and had a good laugh from some), but there can only be one...
Have a great weekend,

10 May 2019     


Thank you for choosing my caption. Now itīs up to me to try to find and upload a picture. Finding is easier than uploading. Iīll do that in a day or two. Have all a nice weekend.

10 May 2019     


I know youīre there white kitty and Iīll gonna find you!

11 May 2019