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ESL forum > Message board > Just to try to get rid of the several textless and nameless posts.    

Just to try to get rid of the several textless and nameless posts.

maryse pey

Just to try to get rid of the several textless and nameless posts.
Can you think of the names of :
a famous scientist : EINSTEIN
a famous actor : Harrison FORD
a famous singer : Elvis PRESLEY
a famous politician : TALLEYRAND
a famous cat : The PInk Panther (well a little bigger than a cat !)
a famous dog : Inspector REX
a famous city : Las Vegas
a famous writer : Charles EXBRAYAT
a famous tv series : The Big Bang Theory
a famous film : Titanic
Please continue the list by adding your own ideas and help pushing away the useless posts !

11 May 2019      


Spam deleted! Thanks, Maryse!
Ill keep an eye on the forum to see if the spammer comes back. 

11 May 2019     


Thx Victor & Maryse ;-)
 Im playing ;-)))
a famous scientist : Marie Curie
a famous actor : Orson Wells
a famous singer : Eric Clapton
a famous politician : Nelson Mandela
a famous cat : Felix
a famous dog : Laïka ( if I remember well ...First dog in space )
a famous city : Rome
a famous writer : Tolstoï
a famous tv series : The X-files ( not new...I know ;-))
a famous film : Avatar ( loved it !)
Have a great Sunday!

11 May 2019     

United Kingdom

Spams gone, but Im still having a go!
a famous scientist : MARIE CURIE
a famous actor : YUL BRYNNER (GORGEOUS!)
a famous singer : TIFT MERRITT
a famous politician : CHURCHILL
a famous cat : MINXY
a famous dog : LASSIE
a famous city : POMPEII
a famous writer : VICTOR HUGO
a famous tv series : THE GOOD WIFE
a famous film : THE GUNS OF NAVARONE

11 May 2019     

United States

a famous scientist : STEVEN HAWKING 

a famous actor : DAVID SCHWIMMER 

a famous singer : PAUL MCCARTNEY 

a famous politician : OBAMA 

a famous cat : FELIX 

a famous dog : LASSIE 

a famous city : RIO DE JANEIRO 

a famous writer : HEMINGWAY 

a famous tv series : FRIENDS 

a famous film : STARWARS

11 May 2019