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Thanks a million dear Douglas for choosing my caption, I truly loved your picture and it definitely inspired me. I must admit though that I didn�t think a second my caption would win. I just love animals like many others here.

Well, here comes the firework !!!! Well, I hope everything will go smoothly. I hate waves !!! As some dear friends know, I�m far from at good at posting pictures on the forum. I can make wss, and that�s it !

So, dearest ESL friends and compulsive competitors, this is my humble pic. to contribute to this highly exciting game. I�ll be waiting for your hilarious captions. Let�s see if this will nourish your imagination as did the previous one.

With love,


12 May 2019      

maryse pey

Eat SOLELY (= only) Lovely Laugh (from ESL) :)

12 May 2019     

United States

It looks like a spammer is trying to rebrand ESL Printables again! What a load of bull-----!

12 May 2019     

United States

"El Toro Inteligente!"

13 May 2019     

United Kingdom

While Im thinking up a caption, here is a cow joke.
Two Americans, on a train, looking out of the window.
Wally: Oh look, what a cute bunch o cows!
Martha: Not a bunch, a herd.
Wally: Herd of what?
Martha: Herd of cows.
Wally: Of course Ive heard of cows!
Martha: No, a cow herd!
Wally: What do I care what a cow heard!
And on the subject of clever bulls... A devout cowboy lost his favorite Bible on the plains. One week later, he was sitting on a fence when the ESL printables bull approached him, carrying his Bible in its mouth! Good gracious! said the cowboy, lifting his eyes to Heaven, its a miracle!
Not really, replied the bull, its got your name on it. 

13 May 2019     


Leaving my mark is MOO-SiC to his REAR! 
Sorry I couldnt reisst!

13 May 2019     

United States


13 May 2019     


I cant think of a caption for the picture, but like Lynne, I have a cow joke to share...
Cow 1: Mooo
Cow 2: Meh
Cow 1: What do you mean mean?  Meh? 
Cow 2: Oh, Im learning a second language.  

13 May 2019     

United States

I was raised to turn the other cheek, but it is a pain to change the brand from ESL to EFL.

13 May 2019     


"Español (Spanish Longhorn)" Made in Spain! 

13 May 2019     

United Kingdom

Eat Spanish Lamb.
Leave Spanish bulls alone.  

Edit: @ Dale :)))

14 May 2019     

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