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Phrasal verbs


Phrasal verbs
Dear teachers,
I need help with these sentences. How would you correct them?

Unfortunately, I have to call off our appointment because I am down with headache.

While all residents were slipping, the fire broke out.

My child broke into me during the philharmonic concert.

He would like to carry on this experiment if she is participating.

Linda is going to shopping because her clothes are out.

Thank you very much for your help.

14 May 2019      


1. ..... because I down with a headache.
2. While all residents were sleeping, the fire broke out.
3. My child cut in during the philharmonic concert.
4.He would like to carry on with this experiment if she is taking part.
5.Linda is going shopping because her clothes are out of fashion/ worn out. 

14 May 2019     

United Kingdom

1. I wouldn´t use ´down with a headache´ and I´ve passed it by some friends; it´s not something we would say in the UK. So, it´s 
I have to …………….. because I´ve got a headache. (I think in the UK, we use the indefinite article, but it´s not wrong to leave it out).
2. It would be better to rearrange the order. ´The fire broke out while all the residents were asleep/sleeping´.
3. I don´t know what this is supposed to mean....
4. as Mariec´s suggestion.
5. As Mariec. 

15 May 2019     

United Kingdom

number 4 could also be "carry out the experiment"
Number 1 might also be "I have come down with a headache"
number 3 could be anything!!   turned up,  called me up, 

15 May 2019     

United Kingdom

Agree with dawnmain, although you usually come down with a cold or the flu, rather than an ache of any kind. 

15 May 2019     

United States

#3 could be "interrupted"

16 May 2019