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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WORD DAFFYNITION CONTEST !    




Thank you, Silvia, for choosing my delirium as a definition. Anyway, I feel so honored and accept, being the WOD winner, with pleasure! I used to think this competition was only for NATIVES !  Well times have changed or maybe it is me that accepts better not belonging to this category.

Thanks again Silvia for choosing a word that nurtures our imagination. This is not always very easy.

Well, I suggest, NINCOMPOOP and hope not too many have seen this one already.

Anyway I declare the competition open and will choose a winner in 10 days. I�m flying off to Greece for a while and don�t think I will manage that with my not very "smart" phone. Have a nice week.


14 May 2019      

United States

NINCOMPOOP- a new car with an environmentally innovative engine that runs on organic waste.

14 May 2019     


NINCOMPOOPs are pop-up adds of Nintendo Game Consoles.

14 May 2019     

maryse pey

It is the acronym of Never IN COMPany Of an OPtional singularis porcus ! (dixit the Romans)
What ? (dixit Obélix)
So a NINCOMPOOP is an ancient Roman soldier who doesnt want to be caught by Obélix because Obélix is completely crazy when it deals with the very serious matter of boars for his meals...

14 May 2019     

United Kingdom

No, sorry. Everybody is wrong!
A nincompoop is a very small poop deck of a toy or model boat.

15 May 2019     


When a mum gets so angry with their kids as to throw the NINtendo to shit (real one) 
Let me give you an example:
- Oh, man! Here again, son! All day playing! This time you will not be saved by your dad, he agrees! 
Mum takes the NINTENDO and goes out, far far away, as she lives in a city, she moves to the next village in her car and throws the NINTENDO to the first poop she sees, and she breaths deeply! She is now NINCOMPOOP (relaxed as the NINtendo is COMbine with POOP)  
EDIT: Have a nice trip and better time there in that wonderful land, Greece! 😉

15 May 2019     

United States

nincompoop--making a major financial mistake or bad financial advice:
" I made n (an)  incom (income) poop."
"Thats a bunch of income poop"

16 May 2019     


Its a small wooden flute played in the Newcastle region of England. Nincompoop should be pronounced with a very strong Geordie accent.

16 May 2019     

United Kingdom

Do you not mean?
"NINCOMPOOP shud bee prinnoonced wirra varry strrrerng Geordie akksent."
Les Douglas 

16 May 2019     

United Kingdom

Nincompoop is a noun, but it can be used adjectively, as a past participle, or something like that. Anyway, I feel nincompooped. It means utterly unimpressed and literally in the dark about the ending of Game of Thrones. The dragon had more dignity and sense and sweetness than them all put together and it should not have been so! 
Love you forever Queen Dany, want you back.  

20 May 2019