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I need your help

Patricia Elvira

I need your help
Can anybody help me,please?
We have a project in our schoool  about poems but I need poems related to some grammar like present contiunuous and present simple.Can you tell any web pages where I can find them?My students are teenagers.Thanks in advance. 

6 Jun 2019      


Hi Patricia
Maybe these sites might be helpful:

6 Jun 2019     


Here are some ideas - they all use reasonably accessible language and the themes are appropriate for young people.
Present simple
´If´ by Rudyard Kipling
´Silver´ by Walter de la Mare
´An Arundel Tomb´ by Philip Larkin
Past simple
´The Road not Taken´ by Robert Frost
´I remember, I remember´ by Thomas Hood
´Legend´ by Judith Wright 
´Stop all the Clocks´ by Auden
´Warning´ by Jenny Joseph 
I also really recommend ´Chocolate Cake´ by Michael Rosen - it´s really funny, and it uses past simple, present simple and present continuous. https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/chocolate-cake/ 

7 Jun 2019     

United States

Frau Sue,chocolatecake is really funny!  

To add to Frau Sue�s list, here are song song lyrics that have been chosen by TEFL teachers 

While looking for a site that I used to love, I came across this site. Not sure if it would help you.

7 Jun 2019     


Hi, Patricia,
When I started traching English I came across a cassette called " Mister Monday and other songs for the teaching of English" , by  The Solid British Hat Band.
 It was released by Longman. Besides the poems - for each verb tense- it had the musics and they were quite helpful..I don´t know how to convert it into  digital , but I can copy the lyrics and send them to you. Send me your email.
Here is the one for the Simple present:
He gets up at eight o´clock
On cold winter days
He eats his food at half past eight
And clears the pots away.
he drives his car in the city streets
And he meets along the way
A lot of tall, dark people
Who stand there all day.
He´s Mister Monday
He works all day from nine to five
he´s Mister Monday
He lives alone in the city. 
I see him in the evening
I pass him at the door
I say " Hello, how are you?"
And I know he´s very poor
He looks at the street through his window 
He watches the people pass by 
He loves little dogs and children
And he never tells a lie       He´s Mister Monday....                                          My e-mail: [email protected]

7 Jun 2019     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Patrícia
The songs Tancredo is referring to are in you.tube.
Here´s the link

11 Jun 2019