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United Kingdom

My Husband Frank Letras was a member in this Caffee for long time.He make a lot off friends and few project hire, This place take a lot off his life and energy . I know he love to be hire.
Saddly today we tell him goodbye for the last time. He passed away on the 16.05.19 and today was his funeral. I cant even discribe how much he left us broken and how much we miss him. 
I post this on his account and in few days i will close this account. Just want to say thank you for suuport him all this time and say goodbye . i now he will like to let you know this sad news.

17 Jun 2019      

maryse peyé

Farewell Frank.
God bless you and your friendship which will keep on surviving here.

17 Jun 2019     

United Kingdom

God bless you and your family, Beata. Frank lives on in his family, and on here, through his wonderful poems, now in our hearts. All the very best to you for the future. 

17 Jun 2019     


17 Jun 2019     


Farewell Frank. God bless you. Love your esl poem ❤️ Cecio

17 Jun 2019     

United States

Frank was a very generous person. He touched us all with his many kindnesses and contributions. I am sorry for your loss,Beata,Adam,and Pawel.❤ Mary

17 Jun 2019     

United Kingdom

Dear Beata, Adam, and Pawel;
May God bless you all, and take care of every one of you!
Frank was a dearly loved and respected friend here on ESLP. You can be very proud of his poetic talent, of his gift with words, and of his long-lasting influence for good in the world.
With my love, from
Les Douglas

17 Jun 2019     


Farewell Frank, thanks Beata for this message, our thoughts are with you, God bless you all during these sad moments

17 Jun 2019     


God bless you and the departed Frank!

18 Jun 2019     

United States

I´m truly sorry for your loss. Frank was a good , caring person and touched many hearts all over the world. We were all lucky to have met him in our life journeys.

18 Jun 2019     


God bless You dear Beata. We wiil and can never forget him. All his words were so precious to us on this site. Thank you to others above who expressed so well how I feel. RIP. Endless respect.

18 Jun 2019     

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