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ESL forum > Ask for help > How much time ....?    

How much time ....?


How much time ....?
The other day I was watching a series on TV and they said ...... How much time do we have? Is it right to say that?
I mean ..... is it possible to say How long......? or when it is refferred tto time we must use how much time...? 

1 Jul 2019      


It is correct !!!

1 Jul 2019     


"How long" and "How much time" have the same meaning. You ask these questions when you´re interested in the amount of time (mins, days, years...). 
"How long" is more common.
P.S. Be careful and never say "How long time". It´s incorrect. 

1 Jul 2019     

United States

https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/how-much-time-how-long-how-long-time.1336614/ mentions “how long a time” as another possibility, which also occurred to me. 

I agree with the following post except for the part that denies that “how long a time” is correct. 

This clip shows Captain Picard saying it. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/5f90ee5f-70d6-4dcd-8555-60d823050d62

Edit: The broken link has been fixed.

1 Jul 2019     

United Kingdom

Not enough

1 Jul 2019     

[email protected]

Interesting question.
Were you thinking that we should say ´how many´?
Of course we measure time in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, etc.
We can count those units.
We cannot count time, but we can count the units we use when we measure time.
Similarly, we say ´How much money do we have?´, but we do not say, ´How many money do we have.´
We do say ´How many (coins/notes) do we have.´
Time and money expressions show things which we think of as ´volume´, and that is why we say ´much´, when we usually use ´many´ with things we count.
Your question gave me an idea for a lesson on: much/many/exceptions to the rule.

6 Jul 2019