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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Daffynition Contest July 9, 2019    

Daffynition Contest July 9, 2019

United States

Daffynition Contest July 9, 2019
Hi All,
Thanks to Dale for choosing my daffynition  of scrumping as the winner (I´m wondering if the definition didn´t "ping" a small nerve)
Anyway, the next word for you to dissect and rebuild  is:
---  DESUETUDE  ---
I look forward to seeing what you come up with--have some fun.

9 Jul 2019      

maryse peyé

That is a very funny word for the following daffynition :
In French "DEs SUpposés ETUDEs dont nous ne saurions vérifier les progrès"
In Englsih "Some supposed studies whose reality and results cannot be checked". In other words "something completely untrue", "fake affirmation"
Hugs to you Douglas.

9 Jul 2019     

United States

I agree with Maryse; it is a great word choice, Douglas.


Desu = variant spelling of fr. dessous
Etude = alternate spelling of fr étude 
DESUETUDE means ´understudy´. 

9 Jul 2019     

United Kingdom

Ah, this is easy. Suet is a kind of fat that used to be very popular in British cooking. When I was a child, if people were on a diet it was said that they were in a state of desuetude, in that they had forsworn suet and other, fatty foods.  

9 Jul 2019     

United States

To sue someone is to take them to court filing a lawsuit. A tude is short for attitude. De is to undo or be against, such as detoxing gets rid of or undoes toxins . Desuetude is the attitude of discouraging, eliminating, or undoing lawsuits. Also written desue-tude.

10 Jul 2019     


No, no guys, no way ! I´ve got it here.
Everybody has heard about those huge ugly ferries carriying tourists to the most beautiful places of our blue planet. These are unfortunately spewing out pollution equivalent to hundreds of buses and trucks everyday. They are all the more polluting as they all have a sweat ude. This is actually a gymnastics area where all sorts of sports are played and performed, a gym area.
UDE stands for Upper Deck Entertainment.
So THE SWEAT UDE is the area where all those crazy tourists sweat while doing all their stupid exercises to remain fit and healthy.

11 Jul 2019     

United States

 DESUETUDE is an etude composed in honor of Adalbert Desu.

etude - a short [musical] composition for a solo instrument; intended as an exercise or to demonstrate technical virtuosity.
What does Desu mean in English?
Desu or DESU may refer to: Desu (Japanese: です), a Japanese copula used to grammatically link a subject and predicate, often translated into English using a form of the verb "to be". Adalbert Deșu (Béla Dezső, 1909–1937), a Romanian football striker. Delaware State University, sometimes abbreviated as DESU. 
from www.thefreedictionary.com/etude and Wikipedia respectively

12 Jul 2019     

United States

Expressing an attitude which historically would have been identified as originating in the Sioux (culture now politically incorrect). Her natural maternal instincts showed a desuetude.

14 Jul 2019     


I´m really upset that you´ve chosen this word. I fundamentally believe that it´s discriminatory.
Desuetude is a state of absence of Sue. "I´ll only come to that party if you can guarantee its desuetude, man."
I personally prefer its antonym, ensuetude. "Any classroom is better in a state of ensuetude." 

14 Jul 2019     

United States

Great inputs all of you! But, Maryse had me from the beginning.
Congrats Maryse!

17 Jul 2019