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Can you help please

Saudi Arabia

Can you help please
Hi, Is this sentence correct: If I see my friend needing help , I will help her? Thank you

9 Sep 2019      

United Kingdom

If I see my friend needing help, I will help her.
Yes, that sentence is fine.  
 Just to add, it�s nothing to do with the future tense; it�s just describing a state of affairs. 

9 Sep 2019     

United States

You could also use present simple:
 "If I see my friend needing help,  I help her."
In this form you are simply stating a fact, in the other form (will future/first conditional) you are looking towards the future and what will/might happen.

10 Sep 2019     

United Kingdom

Douglas is right and there are other ways of expressing this thought. Just to quibble, though, I didnt take that particular will as future, I took it as whenever my friend needs help, I help her  or, in the way he has rephrased it. I think that both are fine and actually, mean the same thing. However, I see that it can be construed as a simple future. Another however (!), if thats the intended meaning, it would be better to use the conditional, if I saw my friend needing help, I would help her. Interesting. 

10 Sep 2019     

United States

Lynne and Douglas are both right, but Douglas is using the first conditional (If I see my friend needing help, I will help her", while Lynnes is the second conditional (If I saw my friend needing help, I would help her). Lynne also gave an example of the zero conditional with "Whenever my friend needs help, I help her", using whenever in place of if.

10 Sep 2019