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Ask for help


Ask for help
Hi everyone! What should we do when a child misbehaves in front of others? I don�t know how to solve this situation,Please help me.Thanks in advance.

12 Sep 2019      


Hello. Greetings from Myanmar. For this issue, I would like to suggest this child should be talked individually and privately. Please ask if he realizes his misbehavior disturb others and himself. If the answer is no, tell him the consequences of his misbehavior. If the answer is yes, ask why he misbehaves. Does he seek attention? Does he copy somebody; maybe a family member, peer or relative? Based on his response, you can play along. Cheer up! Dont give up on him.

12 Sep 2019     


My steps are like this:
1. Ignore - sometimes this works, especially if they are not continuously disruptive.
2. Praise one of their friends for something good they are doing so they think that they will receive attention for good things.
3. Look them in the eye and ask them to stop
4. Tell them to move to a different seat very firmly
5. If it continues, sit them on the floor in a different part of the classroom
6. Remove them from the class, outside the door for a minute, then go outside and talk to them. Are you going to repeat this behaviour? You cannot do that because ....... . Ok, I know you are a good student, when you did your homework/helped your friend/listened to my instructions i was soooo happy with you. I want to see that more. Come inside, I know you can do the right thing. Smile.
Good luck! 

12 Sep 2019     

class centre

hello. I used a simple thing in such situations/. Highly likely this  kind of student is slow in learning. So, i give himher a very simple task ( like copying a text or something of a kind) Then I check his work and praise the student. He or she  stops misbehaving because of being busy in the lesson. I always put an acceptable mark for his or her work. In the end all hooligans became my best friends :)))

13 Sep 2019