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Cultural box project


Cultural box project
   Hi, I am an ESL teacher in Quebec, Canada and I am looking for a teacher in another country to do a cultural box exchange project.
    in our box we exchange letters about ourselves and postcards and we also include cultural gifts and souvenirs (ex: sample money like coins from our country, our country flag, traditional candies, souvenirs...) if you are interested, please let me know. My students would love to know more about your country and its culture. :) 
    I have 3 groups of 27 students each, aged 12-13.
Please message me if you are interested!  

7 Nov 2019      

Mohamed Moussa

I am a teacher from Morocco and I am interested in this project.
How can we emplement it?
Here is my email so that we can discuss implementation.

7 Nov 2019     


I am from France in a city near Bordeaux. Are you interested in French culture or would you like more exotic pupils? 
I have 1 group (11-12) of 27, and 2 groups of 26-27 aged 12-13 and if you prefer older pupils : 1 group (13-14) of 28.
I have already exchanged many things (letters, postcards, presents, christmas cards, keyrings, candies....) with England (2016-2017) but this year I would like to find another country.
Canada would be perfect. 
Tell me if youŽre interested in exchanging with us. 

7 Nov 2019     


IŽm an ESL teacher from Shenzhen, China. I have 3 groups of students aged 24-30.
Please contact me if you want a further discussion.

7 Nov 2019     

Alina Viktorovna
Russian Federation

Hello! I am an English teacher from Russia. I have a lot of groups of different age (8-14). I think we can cooperate. I would be very glad.

8 Nov 2019     


I am a Tunisian teacher of English  .My name is Hafedh I am interrested in this project and my young learn,ers are ready to send letters to your pupils :
My e-mail is the following [email protected] .com

9 Nov 2019     

Russian Federation

I am also in!!! [email protected]

10 Nov 2019     


I am an English teacher from Tunisia. I have 3 groups of students aged 12-14 and we would like to take part in the exchange project.
hereŽs my email address: [email protected] 

10 Nov 2019     


hi we would like to join this project.from TURKEY IF YOU WANNA HERE IS MY EMAIL: [email protected]

11 Nov 2019     


Hello, Im an English teacher from Algeria. I have 5 groups aged (14-18) and I like your project.thanx

12 Nov 2019