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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Use of YET    

Use of YET


Use of YET
Hi mates!
I have problems to understand the several meanings of YET.
I give you some examples:
1) "Yet it has been found in some companies that by far the healthiest people are..."
2) "What is surprising is that we are yet to develop successful ways of dealing with..."
Thanks in advance! 

10 Nov 2019      

maryse peyé

- Have you done your homework ?
- Not yet Mum !
Not yet had he finished to eat that he rushed in the garden to play with his dog.
Here are 2 other examples.

10 Nov 2019     

United Kingdom

Hello, Anushka:
My Chambers Thesaurus may help you, by showing you some ´synonyms´, (words which have a similar meaning.)
YET (adverb)
1) UP TILL NOW ... until now, up to ths time, up till then, by now, by then, now, already, as yet, so far, still.
OLD-FASHIONED STYLE = hitherto, heretofore.
FORMAL STYLE = thus far,
2) IN ADDITION ... still, even, too, also, further, furthermore, besides, moreover.
COLLOQUIAL = into the bargain.
YET (conjunction)
 1) BUT ... however, nevertheless, nonetheless, anyway, even so, all the same, just the same, for all that.
FORMAL STYLE = notwithstanding.
First, you must decide what Part Of Speech the word ´YET´ is. Then choose the correct Category.
So, your first sentence could be re-written: (conjunction)
"BUT, it has been found in some companies that by far the healthiest  people are ..."
And your second sentence: (adverb)
"What is surprising is that, UP TO THIS TIME, we are STILL to develop successful ways of dealing with ..."
I hope that this helps you.
Les Douglas

10 Nov 2019