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Caption Contest

United States

Caption Contest
Thank you, Tancredo! It�s an honor to win both contests at the same time!
In honor of American Thanksgiving on Thursday, here is a picture of a turkey for you to caption:
Come up with the funniest caption you can! As with the other contest, I will choose a winner either when this post leaves the forum or when there are enough entries for an interesting selection. Happy Thankscaptioning! 

25 Nov 2019      

United Kingdom

Hiya, I´m kingfant´s turkey; he likes a bit of excitement and let´s face it, I´m one special turkey. 

26 Nov 2019     


Yesterday I was wearing a black dress of notorious indecency when suddenly and completely unexpectedly I was harassed by someone who had obviously had a very bad night. He bothered me so much that I lost my Latin and opted for a more suitable outfit. I hope I don´t see him today. The poor old, archaic, outdated man could feel uncomfortable. 

26 Nov 2019     

maryse peyé

Am I an owl, am I a chicken ?
Am I a teen or a lazy guy ?
Am I tired or exhausted ?...
Hey ! What are you saying ? Are you crazy ?
Not at all ! I´ rehearsing the new theater version of Hamlet... I´ll watch it tonight on BBC.
Will I drink beer or poison ?
Oh how many questions !
Oh how deep are my thoughts...

26 Nov 2019     


No no no, no cranberry sauce for me this year, I wanna be part of the feast but not on the oven side!!!I am not one of these turkeys which are going to end with their plastic packaging in the ovens of would be cooks! Mr Trump, I am the one you must pardon!!!!

26 Nov 2019     


I can clearly see with these two eyes that Thanksgiving deserves a spicy toast, no matter what.

26 Nov 2019     


I´ve got a sink-ing feeling about what will happen to me soon...

26 Nov 2019     

United States

"I was raised on a US poultry farm (´the hood´). I´ve had so many chlorine baths that there ain´t nothin´ that can take away my ´chill´."

26 Nov 2019     

Russian Federation

A song from a luckier brother) 

26 Nov 2019     

United Kingdom

I could not  be more thankful for the simple pleasures of life. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

26 Nov 2019     


PLAYBOY special edition for Thanksgiving has a peculiar centerfold.

26 Nov 2019     

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