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need your help


need your help
HI ! .Everyone here I hope you are doing well. I need your help with this sentence.
                     Wlliam (  to live ) in Boston six months. He ( to move ) to new york 

8 Jan 2020      

maryse peyé

I would say :
He lived in Boston FOR 6 months. He has moved to New York.
He is no longer in Boston as now he has been living in New York.
The 1st action is finished - action of the past only - and the 2nd action has some consequence on the present. It has started yet and will go on. 

8 Jan 2020     

Hong Kong

There are several possibilities with those verbs. Something like a timeline would help me to understand your intended meaning, but I agree with the FOR. 
One version: William has been living in Boston for six months. He will be moving to New York.
Also, you say sentence, but you actually have two sentences. It would be natural to combine them; can you do that?
    William lived in Boston for six months, but now he has moved to New York.  
This uses the same verb forms as Maryse´s suggestion. 

8 Jan 2020     


Thanks a million for your replies maryse peyé and Ignatz really appreciate . In fact these are two independent sentences that should be joined together; 
  Thank you all 

9 Jan 2020     

United States

There are other possibilities, too. Here are a few.
William lived in Boston for six months, and then he moved to New York.
William has lived in Boston for six months, but now he is moving to New York.
William will live in Boston for six months, and then he will move to New York. 

12 Jan 2020