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Happy Families Game


Happy Families Game
Hello everyone,
I’ve come across this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GDb1lK5YvM and I’m wondering about other ways to ask this question:
Do you have the brother in the monster family?
Thanks in advance,

11 Jan 2020      


You could simplify it by splitting it into two sentences or choosing a simpler structure.
Iīm collecting the (GROUP) family. Do you have the (MEMBER)? --> Yes I do / No I donīt.
I would like the (MEMBER) in the (GROUP) family. --> I donīt have that card. / I have that card.
The easiest option is: I would like (MEMBER) (GROUP). --> I donīt have that card. / I have that card.
So your dialogue would go like this:
Hello. I would like Mummy monster.
Sorry, I donīt have that card. I would like sister zombie.
I have that card. Here you go. I would like Daddy pumpkin. (etc.)
With this activity, make sure that you model it really well before starting, and that all the key structures are written on the board for the pupils to refer to during the game. You could have a rule that if they speak their native language at all, they have to forfeit a card to the person who calls them out.

11 Jan 2020     


Thank you so much for your response and explanation, FrauSue.
It was very helpful!

17 Jan 2020