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Helping hand please !!!


Helping hand please !!!
Hi guys , can someone please help me out?
Which is correct?
1.  Mr. Philsen heard about the stock market crash while he drove home from work .
2.  Mr. Philsen heard about the stock market crash while he was driving home from work . 
Thanks in advance !!!!

9 Feb 2020      


Although Im not a native speaker, Im pretty sure the second answer is correct, as Mr Philsen was in the process of going back home when he heard about the stock market crash.

9 Feb 2020     


To me! the second sentence is correct with PAST CONTINUOUS: something was in progress something else kind of interrupted the action

9 Feb 2020     


The second one is correct according to the rules of past continuous. A short (simple past) action interrupts a long one (past continous).

9 Feb 2020     

United States

 is a resource that agrees with all of you and lists the rule that Ellenmendes stated. This is the most usual usage.
If you want to emphasize the action or fact that he drove, (instead of walked, for example) then the verb drove is also possible. It would be an example of the narrative past.  https://www.eltbase.com/notes-201-narrative-tenses .  Narrative past uses the simple past to relate a series of events or describe a scene. Mr. Philsen heard about the stock market crash while he drove home from work, passed the blighted area of town, and thought about the series of events that had lead to the citys financial downfall. As there was no traffic, he drove and drove and drove to clear his head and plan his course of action. Gaining clarity,  he went to the bank and drew out all his money. Then he bought a ticket and flew to his home town to help his parents.

10 Feb 2020     

United Kingdom

I waited to see other answers before commenting on this, because I know its past continuous after while in that situation, however, drove sounds fine here. Well done, Mary. 

10 Feb 2020