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I need help!!

Maria Jose Garcia

I need help!!

I have two native English speakers in my English class and they get bored because the level of the group is very low (2 year of compulsory secondary education). I donīt know what to do with them. Has anyone the same problem? Please, give me some advice. Iīm desperate!

Thank you for all your contributions and comments!! I love this site!

5 Oct 2008      

Koenigin der Nacht

Iīve had the same problem in the past.  Well, you could give them some more advanced stuff to do, such as, interesting texts with exercises, etc.  It doesnīt really matter if they donīt follow with the rest of the class, as long as they get something from your lessons.  Be flexible.  :-)

5 Oct 2008     


Hi Maria!

I havenīt had similar problems so far, but I have an idea for you... hope itīll help. I think it would be a good idea to involve them in the teaching process. As they are native speakers you could give them topics to prepare for and to give presentations for the rest of the class. They wonīt be bored as they have something important to do for the whole class and the others could benefit from their presentations as well.  It might help... Thumbs Up

Greetings from
Krisztina from Hungary

5 Oct 2008     

Maria Jose Garcia

Thank you very much!!Heart

5 Oct 2008     

manonski (f)

Why donīt you give them a personal project: they could do a research and present it to the class.

6 Oct 2008     



Iīve had this problem.  Youīll probably find those students although way ahead in English will be lacking in other subjects, you could help them by giving them work in other subjects (in English of course)  Ask the other teachers how theyīre doing in maths, geography, history (they probably donīt know much about the local history).

Hope that helps.

9 Oct 2008