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ESL forum > Ask for help > File too big to upload... + message board issue    

File too big to upload... + message board issue

United States

File too big to upload... + message board issue
Iīm unable to upload to upload a file because itīs too big.  It has six pictures, all of which I "compressed" but Iīm still at 348 KB.  What else can I do to decrease the fileīs size?
SIDE NOTE:  I know this issue has been raised on the message board a number of times, and addressed by the members.  I wanted to look through the threads, but couldnīt find a way to search through them.  Is there a way to search through old threads?  I feel like the same issues are addressed on the board again and again... Maybe there should be a FAQ section?
But back to my original question....HOW DO I DECREASE A FILEīS SIZE EVEN MORE?  Thanks!

5 Oct 2008      


Brokee,thereīs a tutorial by Logos on how to ewduce size of pictures using Paint. Tape the name in the search dialogue and browse his contributions.

5 Oct 2008     

manonski (f)

When my files are too big, I paste the pictures in Publisher, group them, then save them as one picture. It usually does the trick.

6 Oct 2008     


Well, I think you can compress it with the īprint screenī button and then pasting it to word. This makes it not editable (as many worksheets on this site), but it will enable you to post it.
I hope it helps. Regards!

6 Oct 2008     

United States

Thanks for the advice.  I used the Paint option as I donīt have Publisher, but it worked.  Always learning something new on this site, THANKS!

6 Oct 2008     

New Zealand

If you have google toolbar installed in your browser you can use the google search engine to search this site.
You just push the īsearch only www.eslprintables button which looks like a little magnifying glass with eyes.
 Hope this helps.

6 Oct 2008     


Iīm always resizing pictures in Adobe Photoshop, which is a great tool.  But as most people donīt have this software, I would also recommend Microsoft Picture Manager.  Picture Manager comes with Office, so most computers should have a copy.  Itīs not the best, but it works.


1: Cut and paste a picture into Picture Manager.


2: Go to the tools and resize the picture to what you need.  If you simply resize the picture in Powerpoint, it retains the original size and information, which makes for large files.


3: Save the file as a jpg.


4: Import the picture back into Powerpoint via the toolbar at the top.


Hope this helps.


Chris Cotter


6 Oct 2008